Improve your Push Ups: Beginner to Advanced Progression


Want to get your first push up? Have push ups but not that many? Push ups are hard but not impossible! All you need are the right progressions to start building that strength.

Below I’ve listed out 8 options from easiest through to the more challenging.

Enjoy! :)

1. Kneeling Box Push Ups

Ensure chest touches the box and that the hips move forward with the shoulders.

2. Standing Box Push Ups

Goal is to maintain the plank position and ensure the chest touches the box. To make these easier or more challenging, change the height of the box.

3. Kneeling Push Ups

Once you’ve mastered stages 1 and 2, get rid of that box/elevation!

4. Kneeling Hand Release Push Ups

Lower slowly down, release hands as seen in the video but keep the hips up and the core switched on.

5. Negative on toes / push on knees

Lower as slowly as possible on toes, push back up on knees then repeat.

6. Regular Push Ups

A bog standard regular push up, ensure core stays switched on, hips tucked under and avoid ‘worming’.

7. Hand Release Push Ups

Exactly the same as the HRPUs on the knees but now we are are on our toes.

8. Feet Elevated Push Ups

Finally, once you have all of the above, try elevating those feet! Not a perfect demo from me…. but these aren’t easy!

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