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David and I first visited Cape CrossFit Gardens in January 2018 when we were on our honeymoon.  We were made to feel so welcome and the box instantly felt like a home-from-home. Coming back this year, we knew for us, there was only one place to train.

Cape CrossFit opened in 2009 and they now have 3 spaces in Cape Town - The original box ‘Cape CrossFit Gardens’, ‘Cape CrossFit Newlands’ (2013) and the recently opened ‘CrossFit Century City’.

What to expect?

The box is located on the 4th floor of a building and on the way up, you are repeatedly met with ‘Cape CrossFit’ signs, which I am sure are there for directional purposes. But I can’t help notice one key line here ‘No Excuses. Only Results’.  Whilst this may be a seriously friendly and welcoming box open to all levels, don’t be fooled, it is full of impressive CrossFitters and there is an expectation in the air, that everyone is there to put in their own best effort (whatever that may look like).

A few things have changed since this time last year, the entrance has moved and you now come up into a really welcoming reception area, with the added benefit of a café to enjoy breakfast and drinks after the WODs as well as new shower & changing facilities.  

First impressions, this is a really impressive space, there are three very large workout areas coming to 750m2 and a Olympic lifting space that makes 150m2 of that!  In London, space is a premium, and because of that we don’t have the luxury of really large boxes, so this is a real treat!

Once you get to class, you will see the WODs are split into group category:

a.    CCF Fitness – General CrossFit Program which is still challenging  

b.    CCF Performance – Slightly more technical and for experienced CrossFitters only 

c.    CCF Competition – Made up of the higher level competitive athletes and coaches

Our Experience

From the moment we walked in, we were made to feel immediately welcome and at ease! Recognising familiar faces and even the owner, Chris, remembered us and welcomed us back; a really nice touch and testimony to how brilliant this place is to train at.

We also found that the coaches were all incredibly knowledgeable but also able to inject a lot of fun into the classes and the hour long sessions flew by!

A great element of the programming, which I haven’t seen anywhere else on all my visit to different boxes, is what they call their ‘After Party’. This is something the members do after the class on their own; for example; strict dips, strict HSPU, L-sit hold, ring push ups etc. which probably explains something that really stood out to me, how great all the members are at gymnastics!

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They also have an amazing community and on a couple of occasions we ended up staying behind after the WODs and having breakfast at the box. :)

Our favourite WOD was the beach workout down in Camps Bay on Saturday morning. There is always a great turn out and there is no better way to kick start your weekend than shuttle runs of the beach followed by brunch.

If you are in Cape Town and you are looking for a place to train, look no further. Cape CrossFit is the one!

Go check them out for yourself:

If you can’t make it down to a box when training, head over to my blog on staying fit on holiday which gives you some workouts you can do anywhere!

The WOD’s we did…

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Tuesday 6.00pm - Justin

Our first WOD at this box was led by coach Justin. They have a really nice way of introducing all the ‘drops-in’, they ask you to say your name and where you are from and then all the members introduce themselves back. It is a small thing, that only take 2 minutes max, but immediately makes you feel part of the community.

Today we had 5 x 3 minute AMRAPs to look forward to followed by some handstand walk practice. Super fun!

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Wednesday 6.30am - Dianne

Next morning we met Dianne, again super friendly and introduced herself to us and us to the class. Today we had a fun dose of power cleans. Surprisingly tough and man did my traps feel it in the next few days!

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Thursday 6.30am - Dianne

Team Thursdays was really fun. We teamed up as a group of 4 girls, breaking the calories into 10 cals a go each, and almost managed to finish the assault bike in the time! Afterwards we worked on the forward & backward rolls, they have a massive crash pad which definitely takes the fear away if you are not that found of rolling. :)

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Friday 6.00pm Bonfire WOD

This is an extended version of the WOD which included snatch RM / Clean RM. The class is 90 minutes instead of the usual 60 minutes. This WOD was pretty brutal but super fun.

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