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Barry's Bootcamp London


I’d heard a lot about Barry’s Bootcamp over the years and thought it was about time I check it out myself.  I had also heard it was pretty tough, but I’m a CrossFitter so I can handle anything, right?  Or can I?! Handle is probably a reasonably suitable word for it, it definitely was not a breeze and it certainly put me through my paces! 

What to expect?

The vibe is amazing as soon as you approach the location – it is fresh, polished, trendy and generally feels pretty swanky.  To top it off, it also has lots of places for great post-workout photoshoots!

When you walk through the door you are welcomed by smiley people who remind you of the spot you are booked in to, give you a fresh towel, ask you if you want to a post workout shake made up from the Fuel Bar and then direct you off to the changing rooms. Which are worth a visit in their own right!

If it is your first time at a Barry’s, they will ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the class so you don’t feel rushed and then you will meet the instructor 5 minutes before the class starts who will show you around the studio, explain how the machines work, where your station is and check if you have any questions.

When you go into the room, the upscale vibe is evident, the finishing touches have really been considered and the room looks awesome.  I can’t not mention the signature ‘red light’ and the pumping music which sets the tone of the workout and creates an electric atmosphere.  You know, when you walk in, you are there to get your butt kicked! 

Barry's Bootcamp London Studio

The Workout

Now to review the fun part. :)  All the workouts at Barry's are 60 minutes long (with the exception of a couple of shorter lunchtime classes for those squeezing it into their lunch break) and they don't mess about in terms of getting you warmed up and in to it nice and quickly.  The four classes I’ve attended were broken down into 3 rounds of running and weights in a circuit/HIIT training style using dumbbells and bodyweight.  They also offer a double floor option – for those who aren’t so keen on the running part or just want to pump those guns extra hard.  

WORKOUT FOCUS - Each day has a different body part focus to go along with all the running! The studios across London all focus on the same area that day.

  The categories Barry's London break these down into are:

  • Butt & Legs

  • Chest, Back & Abs

  • Arms & Abs

  • Abs only

  • Full Body

No escaping those summer 6 packs it seems! :p 

TREADMILL - The running will be a variety of incline, sprints, some longer 'grit your teeth' sprints/runs and ‘unplugging’ the machine so you have to power the belt yourself. Don't underestimate that last one if it comes up in your class! 

FLOOR - On the floor you are allocated space and your instructor will give you guidance on which weights/dumbbells to select.  Here you may do a AMRAP ('as many rounds as possible') in a given time frame or it could be something like a time based circuit.

How was it for me?

I have to admit, I found them all pretty tough, I pushed to my limit and really got an awesome workout, emerging from the studio a very sweaty version of myself!  But then I like to think of fitness like a bank ‘you get out what you put in” so it is worth giving it your all.

It is the type of workout that you question your sanity whilst you are doing it but also find yourself visiting to book in another session, or at least that's what happens to me. 

One thing to note however, is they do offer a beginner, intermediate and advanced option so you never feel out of your depth and although new places can seem intimidating,  there is an option for everyone! 

The Instructors

So far, I have had the pleasure of enjoying 4 Barry’s classes and meeting their brilliant instructors: Nik Naidoo, Jason Leggett, Victoria Walker and Connor Minney who all have a unique approach and style. You’ll find that each class is slightly different as the instructor will put their own stamp on how they want to programme it.

Nik has really high energy, knows how to push you to your limit and is great at remembering everyone’s names which adds a personal element to the class!

Connor really knows how to get the most out of the hour and engineers some pretty gruelling floor and treadmill work - it is not for the faint-hearted.

Victoria’s abs circuit is one I won't be forgetting in a hurry and will definitely help you build those summer abs. Also, those treadmill runs she puts in - ouch!

Jason had some AWESOME tunes with some brilliantly timed drops to coincide with some pretty nasty sprints!  The music definitely helped me hold on to the end!

Session Cost

Unsurprisingly, and given the swanky nature of Barry's, a drop in class is £20.00.  Having said that, in London that's pretty normal, with other studio drop in costs being the same if not slightly more.  There are also savings to be made when you buy your classes in bulk or you can sign up to their monthly membership.

Is it worth it?

HELL YES…. my experience with Barry’s has been amazing so far and I cannot recommend it enough. I'm slightly addicted and just bought my first pack of 5.   If  you enjoy running but want to mix it up with weights and resistance training, this is the class for you!  Join in on the fun and head over to to book your spot now!  Hopefully, I'll catch you there or if you want a workout buddy, hit me up. :) 


That's all from 'TheaDora The Explorer' but watch this space for volume 2 on Core Collective.  If you can't wait that long, check my instagram for regular updates.

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Where to find them?

- London West,W2 4QJ

- London SW1, SW1W 9NF

- London Central, NW1 2BH

- London East, EC2A 2AH

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