Build on your foundations

Looking to take your athletic performance to another level with Personal Training?

Using proven strength and conditioning principles, Thea Hudson Fitness will focus on improving your athletic performance in your chosen sport as well as focusing on injury prevention and the proper mechanics required to perform at your best.

Strength and conditioning is much more than just lifting weights, it factors in all the elements for the entire development of an athlete; plyometrics, endurance, core stability as well as speed and agility. 

Whether you are looking to PB your marathon, improve your golf swing, shave time off your Iron Man or Triathlon - you should be following a specific training programme for your development. Not only can doing sport-specific exercises increase your performance, but doing the wrong exercises can actually hinder your performance, so getting it right is essential.

Get in touch now to book in your free consultation for Personal Training and we can discuss how a tailored focus on Strength and Conditioning can help improve your sports performance.

Thea Hudson Fitness is located in studios in South West London (Putney, Wandsworth, Earlsfield) and in the City of London (Bank, Moorgate, Liverpool Street).