Thea Hudson Fitness offers Personal Training covering a number of areas; Strength Training, Sports Performance, Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, Weight-loss, Body Transformation as well as Mobile Personal Training and Corporate Wellness packages. More details below on the various areas I offer as a Personal Trainer.


Strength Training?

Do you want to get stronger? Are you someone who has spent a lot of time in the free-weights section of your gym or feel a little lost about where to even start in there? Perhaps you are looking for a sports-specific weights programme, or maybe you are a complete novice seeking to build your confidence with weights. In either case, personal training with me can help.

As a keen lifter myself, I believe that strength training plays an essential role in any successful fitness plan. Building functional strength will improve your aesthetics, give you a better posture, improve your mobility and promotes fat loss.

Ladies: lifting weights will not turn you into the “Incredible Hulk”, I can help you to achieve a lean, toned, healthy body in conjunction with the right diet and conditioning work.


Sports Performance

Are you training for a specific sport or event? I’ve trained with rugby players, marathon runners and ironman competitors to cyclists, gymnasts and golfers. 

Whether you’re an established athlete on the quest for marginal gains, or an amateur looking to up your game, working with me will deliver measurable results.

All sports can be broken down into three sections: skills, psysiology and psychology. I can help you to build your engine, move better and improve your sport-specific strength. With a stronger, better prepared body comes superior mental strength, resilience and grit.


Pre-natal Personal Training

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing what you can and can’t do when pregnant?  Having a baby need not mean a 9 months hiatus from the gym. Keeping in shape during pregnancy has been known to help you sleep better, increase energy, improve mood, promote good muscle tone and posture and help to reduce backaches and swelling. To top it off, it can keep your baby healthier and makes labour easier.

The goal of exercise during pregnancy should be to maintain maternal fitness levels and minimise risk to your new addition. I offer tailored pre-natalpersonal training at homeor at a location near youto help you develop a safe and comfortable exercise programme that evolves in response to changes duringyour pregnancy.


Post-natal Personal Training

Are you looking to bouncing back after having baby? For most new mums I work with, finding time for “you” often seems impossible, but I can make this easier. 

By providing post-natalpersonal training at homeor at a location near youI will help you to juggle looking after your new baby as well as yourself. 

Exercising after giving birth will help restore muscle strength and firm up your body. It will also raise your energy levels and improve your sense of wellbeing. Other, obvious benefits include weight loss improved fitness and a flatter tummy; who doesn’t want that?!


Weight Loss and Body Transformation

Do you struggle with how you feel about yourself? Are you looking for a catalyst for change and someone to be accountable to? I would love to help you.

Everyone has insecurities about the way they look and there’s one thing I can promise you: no one is perfect. Personal training with me will help you to build your confidence and transform the way you look and feel about your body. 

Let’s start a new chapter of your life together.


Mobile Personal Training Near You

Do you lack the time to get to a PT studio on the other side of London? Let me come to you. Developing a routine that’s easy to stick with and difficult to break is the key to sustainable results.

I provide bespoke personal training at home, outdoors or at a gym near you. 

Corporate Wellness

By investing in your employee’s wellbeing, you are investing in your company’s progress. A physically fitter, stronger and healthier workforce result in lower absenteeism, improved mental wellbeing, greater energy at work. 

My programmes are flexible and designed specifically with your individual company culture and employees in mind.  I create regimes that bring the team together and ensure 

 There are a variety of ways to approach Corporate Wellness;

  • On-site Personal Training 

  • On-site Group Training 

  • Corporate offers for Personal Training off-site

I work with a number of companies in and around London who are already benefiting from these services.