Outdoor Personal Training

Don’t have access to a gym? No problem! There are a million and one benefits to training outside and during the Spring / Summer it is really lovely to enjoy the sunny weather! Below I’ve listed out a handful of the great reasons to get started with outdoor training now.

  1. Improve your mood! Outdoor exercise provides a mental health boost 

Tribal Clash - Devon 2018

Did you know that training in the outdoors actually lowers your blood pressure? Not only that, but it will also have positive effects on your mood and self-esteem. Exercising outdoors actually releases more serotonin, regulates your mood and increases your endorphin and dopamine levels. Do you need anymore convincing?

2. You’ll boost your immune system.

The level of green space in one’s environment has a positive connection with health. When you are outside, you’re body knows it and behaves different, nature acts as an organic trigger for your body to protect itself from disease.

As mentioned before, research shows that just 30 minutes outdoors will lower your chances of high blood pressure and depression.


3. Sunshine - You’ll get a burst of Vitamin D.

There is a reason why people who spend so much time outdoors seem so healthy! Each time you are exposed to the sun, your body produces more Vitamin D.

We spend so much time indoors that it is easy to end up with a deficiency in Vitamin D. Which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and chronic diseases…. all things we would all rather avoid!

Now you are convinced by the benefits, start taking advantage of them now! Here is a nice simple workout routine below.


3 rounds for time:

2 x Shuttle Runs

50 x Jumping Lunges

40 x Sit Ups

30 x Squats

20 x Push Ups

10 x Burpees

I offer Personal Training outdoors or at your home in Wandsworth (sw18) and Putney (sw15) so get in touch to learn more.